FlexCoat System

FbonCoat is made from the best quality of Fluorine synthetic high polymer, metal silver powder, and mineral pigment. It is formulated with pottery compound technology. It is characterised by “Lotus leaf” effect and “skin breathing” effect.  It has very strong climate-tolerance, pollutant and mildew-resistance.


  • Exterior walls waterproof in high-class buildings and memorial buildings.
  • Industrial buildings in rather high or low temperatures, and heavily polluted environments
  • Military waterproof and decoration
  • Special buildings such as airports and bridges
  • Large equipments, storage areas and pipelines waterproof
Advantages & Benefits:
  • Unparalleled climate-tolerance, it resists the toughest weather and environments
  • Unsurpassed resistance to acid rain and chemical pollutants to protect roof or wall from rusting
  • Excellent adhesion, it doesn’t peel off
  • Non-static effect, it does not absorb dust or oil
  • Three-dimensional net structure, it is extremely resilient and cracking-resistant
  • Ultraviolet and Infrared resistant for extra durability
  • “Lotus leaf” effect: surface tension is quite low, however waterproof function is unbeatable
  • “Skin breathing ” effect stops walls from dampening
  • Mildew, algae and fungus resistance
  • Non-toxic formulation is safe to install
  • Meets V.O.C. emissions regulations to eliminate facility downtime during application.
  • Wide range of colours provide glamorous architectural finish
  • Outstanding water-resistance and the ability to bear scrubbing
  • Highly elastic so that it moves with cracks
  • Easy application and clean up
  • No special equipment required to install
  • It lasts up to 30 years under a proper maintenance schedule

Technical Data:


Inspection projectStandard

Index values


State in the containerGB/T9755-2001

  Lump-free when it is stirred evenly


Application abilityGB/T9755-2001

Can be applied up to 2 coats


Stability at low temperaturesGB/T9755-2001

Maintain excellent conditions


Drying timeGB/T9755-2001

≤2h (surface)
24h (full cure)
≤7d (complete solidification)


Coating colours and appearanceGB/T9755-2001

The appearance remains unchanged: metal effect


Contrast ratio (metal effect) (GB/T9755-2001)



Water- resistance (96h) GB/T9755-2001

No effect noted


Alkali - resistance (48h) GB/T9755-2001

No effect noted


Ability to bear scrubbing, timesGB/T9755-2001



Dirt-resistancedecline rate of reflection coefficient  (White 5 times) %GB/T9755-2001



Ability to bear temperature changes10 times)(10 times)(GB/T9755-2001

No effects noted


Pounding- resistance (ASTM D638)



Aging resistance (ASTM G26)

3600h No effects noted


Algae and fungus resistance ASTM G29

No growth support


Ultraviolet- resistance



Solidification environments and temperatures

 Room temperature432℃)


Shelf life and storage conditions 

18 months if unopened  / good ventilation conditions

Application Specifics:

Surface Preparation:

  • Remove any loose or flaking particles, scale, dirt, rust or oil.
  • Use HS BareNeat to fills the gaps. Repair any damaged mortar and fill all cracks with proper filling Fabric material.
  • Apply HS BareNeat in the base. Keep the surfaces clean and dry.
  • Use HS SubonPrimer-FB(P) in the underlying surface. Make sure the surfaces are smooth and flat.


(A)    Apply one coat of SubonPrimer to the base and seal it. Drying time is approximately 24 hours;

(B)    Apply the first coat of FbonCoat to the primed walls by using sprayers. Ensure that the coat spreads evenly, and it is tightly adhered.

(C)    After at least 8 hours, spray the second coat of FbonCoat.

(D)    In metal surfaces, it is necessary to spray one additional FbonCoat clear coat.

(E) The third coat is recommended. Application temperature should be more than 10. Relative humidity is below 85%.

Clean Up:

      Protect adjacent surfaces not receiving waterproofing by using plastic covers.

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